Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between concessional and non-concessional SMSF contributions.

FAQ: How much money can I contribute to my SMSF this year?

To determine how much money you can contribute to your SMSF this year, first you must understand the caps associated with your current situation.

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When you're ready to hang up your hat, will you have to pay tax on your savings?

FAQ: Will I pay tax when I draw on my super balance?

When you start drawing from your super, the last thing you want to do is lose too much of your savings to tax. Read on to find out how to avoid doing so.

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Individual or corporate trustee structure - which do you choose?

FAQ: Should I set my fund up with a corporate trustee or individual trustees?

When starting an SMSF, you’ll have to choose between an individual and corporate trustee structure. We answer a few questions surrounding both.

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When exactly can you start drawing from your super?

FAQ: When and how can I access my super money?

In this FAQ, we explain what the preservation age is, how you can access your super before turning 65 and other common questions.

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Your investment strategy is an essential document for your SMSF.

FAQ: What is an SMSF investment strategy?

An investment strategy is required by the ATO for every SMSF. What goes into it and who can help you create one in the first place?

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If your SMSF has been around a while, you might consider reviewing your trust deed.

FAQ: My fund is 10 years old – should I get my deed reviewed?

In between now and 10 years ago, superannuation laws have changed significantly. In order to keep up, you might consider reviewing your trust deed.

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Investing in art is allowed under SMSF, but with specific rules attached.

FAQ: Can my SMSF invest in exotic assets?

With an SMSF, you have the freedom to invest your super savings into more unorthodox assets like artwork. What are the rules around doing so?

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