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An SMSF affords its trustees independence, visibility and control over their retirement savings, from where it’s invested to the costs involved. For Australians with the money, time and financial acumen necessary to run an SMSF, it can be an ideal way to achieve the kind of retirement they always dreamed of.

Aquila Super – trusted advisor to SMSF trustees for over 15 years

Aquila Super – trusted advisor to SMSF trustees for over 15 years

These benefits come with a cost however. Running an SMSF means trustees must also deal with the administrative tasks that are involved. These range from accurate record-keeping to arranging the annual audit, not to mention regularly overseeing a fund’s performance. All of this can eat up time and energy that you as a trustee could better spend elsewhere.

This is where Aquila Super comes in. We work with SMSF private clients from all backgrounds, offering everything from preparation of end of year accounts to strategic consulting services.

Whatever you need to successfully run your SMSF, we can provide you with the right assistance.

Who is Aquila Super?

Aquila Super is made up of a team of Chartered Accountants and SMSF experts with years of experience in the sector. We have an unparalleled understanding of the industry and the granular technical details of SMSFs and the laws around them, allowing us to provide you, the trustee, with the services you need to keep your fund on track.

We are one of the largest independent SMSF service providers in the country, which means our fidelity is to the client above all. Whether we’re executing an audit or providing you with strategic advice, we work for you and you alone.

Every single service we provide is done so from our Australian offices by our highly qualified Australian staff. We reject the call centre mentality and give all SMSF trustees we work with personable, careful consultation that treats them like an individual.

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Different trustees have different levels of knowledge and experience with SMSFs. Whether you’ve just recently switched to an SMSF or you’re a seasoned veteran, we offer the level of assistance that’s right for you. Our clients can choose to make use of our full list of offerings or, if they have limited demands, only a few specific services. All of these are offered at highly competitive prices.

If you need an audit carried out for the end of the financial year, our professional audit team can do the job for a low, flat fee. They are experienced and pragmatic, and a number have received specialist auditor accreditation that puts them among the upper rung of SMSF service providers.

As well as this, we can do all of your end of year financial accounts preparation, a job that can be complex and stressful for many trustees. Leaving the task in our capable hands, we can provide you with an investment summary, members’ statements and more, plus carry out the annual tax return. We’ll only charge you based on the number of the SMSF’s investments, not its value, with fees going up every 10 assets.

If you want to minimise your paperwork while also having exceptional oversight over your fund, our Aquila LIVE administration service is the ticket. Not only will we become your fund’s personal mailbox, our innovative Fundweb software will let you have a near-surgical insight into how your fund is performing, at any time of day and anywhere you choose to do so.

Finally, you can make use of our years of experience to receive high-quality, timely and well-priced strategic advice. We will provide you with guidance in matters such as tax and estate planning, ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your SMSF.

Contact Aquila for SMSF assistance

At the end of the day, our aim is to make your life easier by taking some of the administrative burden off your shoulders. Whether that’s by carrying out something as complex as arranging an audit or as simple as answering any technical queries is up to you.

Our friendly team is always happy to chat, and tell you about our offerings in more detail. Give us a call today.