Complete solutions for Financial Advisors

A tailored SMSF solution for financial advisors

A tailored SMSF solution for financial advisors

Since being introduced as a retirement savings option, self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have steadily risen in popularity – and with them, so has the number of Australians needing help with SMSF.

As a financial advisor, you play a key role in assisting Australians with successfully establishing and running an SMSF. From helping clients prepare an investment strategy to providing ongoing advice surrounding investments, pension strategies and estate planning, financial advisors are essential cogs in the system that helps a fund run smoothly.

However, the SMSF advice sector is highly competitive – not only are you up against other financial advisors, but the changing landscape of the accounting industry is an obstacle in itself. The shift toward accountants having financial advisors in house means more financial advisors are reluctant to seek out their services.

This is where Aquila Super comes in. We are an impartial, seasoned team of SMSF professionals who will work for you to give you the one-up on your competition and make sure your clients come away contented. We are one of the largest independently owned SMSF service providers in Australia, and offer a range of SMSF assistance to financial planners of all sizes.

How can Aquila Super benefit your financial planning business?

If you’re a financial planner who needs help with SMSF, Aquila is the one to call. With a robust background as Chartered Accountants and years of experience in the SMSF sector, our team has a meticulous knowledge of the SMSF space that makes technical details a virtual second language.

We offer a discrete and professional service to all SMSF financial planners we deal with, serving as their personal in-house SMSF specialists. While we provide you the benefit of our experience and industry knowledge, your clients need not be aware of our existence.

Our pricing system is designed to advantage SMSF financial planners. You can gain a competitive edge on the competition by giving your clients access to our wholesale rates, or you can simply add a margin onto our prices to pass on to the client.

Finally, we understand that one of the chief current concerns of financial planners is that, if they refer work to an accountant, they risk losing that client to an in-house financial adviser who works alongside that accountant. You needn’t worry about this with Aquila. We don’t provide any financial advice – we are only there to provide you with help with SMSF matters. You can trust that our assistance is purely for your personal benefit, not some hidden agenda.

What kind of services does Aquila Super offer financial planners?

Financial planners who need help with SMSF matters can benefit from our wide range of services. Aquila’s experienced and knowledgeable staff make end of year financial account preparation a breeze. We can also bundle our SMSF audit services in with this package, making for a streamlined process that reduces headaches.

Aquila is a home grown business born and based in Australia. Your clients can therefore rest assured that all of their work is being conducted right here by qualified Australian resident staff. Our team are experts who are intimately familiar with the specific challenges faced by financial planners in Australia, insight that informs all of our work.

AquilaFB_Square (2) eagleIn addition to this, any SMSF financial planners can use Aquila for a number of diverse purposes, including:

  • Pension establishment and restructuring services
  • SMSF strategic consulting advice
  • SMSF deed review and upgrade services
  • SMSF tax consulting advice

Is your firm a registered tax agent? If not, then Aquila is also able to act as a tax agent for your funds.

Finally, our SMSF financial planning clients are able to make use of Aquila LIVE, our innovative, cloud-based reporting and data capture software for SMSFs. Secure data feeds set up from the SMSF’s bank and stock broking accounts paint a real-time picture of the fund’s investments, accounts and members statements. It’s also possible to white-label this service, attaching your logo onto it and establishing yourself as the service provider to your clients.

You and your clients will have access to a secure web portal to view a range of useful reports relating to an SMSF, such as its:

  • Asset allocation
  • Realised and unrealised capital gains
  • Benefit estimates
  • Investment income

Not only does this give you and your client greater oversight of the fund, it also means simpler tax returns and financial statements. And with the audit file being progressively built over the year, you can nip any issues in the bud when they crop up instead of letting them cause disruptions when the end of the financial year rolls around.

To find out more about this and other services – as well as how Aquila Super can benefit your financial planning firm – contact our friendly team today.