Professional Solutions for Accountants

SMSF outsource solutions for accountants

SMSF outsource solutions for accountants

In the competitive world of self managed super, you need something that will give you both an edge in the market and allow you to provide your clients with first rate service. With the assistance of Aquila Super, you can take both of these goals out of the too-hard basket.

Aquila Super provides a variety of SMSF accounting solutions, from helping your clients prepare their end of financial year accounts to assisting with audits and administration. With more than 15 years in the industry, we are one of Australia’s largest and most experienced independent SMSF service providers.

We annually provide assistance to more than 3,000 SMSFs for our various clients, who range in size from sole practitioners to the Big Four. We have the experience and know-how to ensure your clients come away happy with a premium service that works for their needs.

Why use Aquila’s SMSF accounting solutions?

With our many years working in the industry, Aquila has an unrivalled level of experience and expertise when it comes to providing SMSF accounting solutions. Our team has a robust background as Chartered Accountants, as well as an intimate, detailed knowledge of the technical side of SMSFs. With one eye always on the shifting regulatory environment of the industry, we are always on top of any changes that public practitioners need to be aware of.

We don’t believe in charging for answering basic questions. That’s why any query that takes less than 10 minutes to resolve or involves a simple technical matter will be answered by our team at no cost.

It’s all part of the ethos that drives our SMSF accounting solutions. We understand that, depending on your size, you may have the competency to provide SMSF services but not necessarily the manpower. Aquila is your personal resource for getting the job done.

Under our outsourcing arrangement, we act as your in-house SMSF specialists. Whether you need an extra pair of hands or require a sounding board for complex technical queries, we’re on hand to provide you with our insight. Best of all, your clients will never even know we exist.

Unlike the many off-shore operations that are rife in the industry, the work we do is conducted in Australia by our Australian resident staff. You can therefore be sure of the quality and veracity of Aquila Super’s SMSF accounting solutions.

Aquila’s end of financial year account preparation service

AquilaFB_Square (2) eagleWhen the end of the financial year comes knocking, we offer our account preparation services to make sure your clients have everything arranged – and that you’re ready to help them.

We offer a fully referenced set of work papers that support:

  • Annual financial statements
  • Income tax and regulatory return
  • Members’ statements

The papers are of such a standard that they will also allow your staff to sit down with trustee clients and confidently answer any questions they may have about their accounts. The contents of our annual compliance package include everything from a fully referenced work paper file and investment summary to the annual tax return and trustee annual minutes.

We use an upfront pricing policy that charges based on the number of investments held by each fund, with each tier going up by 10. Our pricing is therefore proportional and appropriate for every individual fund.

Plus, because our account preparation service is offered at a low, fixed rate, we ensure affordability and certainty when it comes to making payments. You’ll know exactly what to quote your clients to ensure you receive a healthy margin above our fees.

Other SMSF accounting solution services

The SMSF accounting solutions we provide are many-faceted, and include a number of other services. We can arrange audit services for your clients at an extremely competitive rate, making sure your auditor meets the highest standards and qualifications.

Additionally, our clients receive the added convenience of our cloud-based reporting and data capture solution – Aquila LIVE. Allowing for real-time updates to a fund’s investments, financial accounts and members’ statements, Aquila LIVE makes fund administration easy.

There are a variety of other SMSF accounting solutions we offer, including:

  • Strategic consulting advice
  • Tax consulting advice
  • Establishment
  • Deed review and upgrade services
  • And much more

Our friendly team is always on hand to help. If you have a question about our SMSF accounting solutions or any technical queries, get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help you.