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Aquila Super is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced SMSF specialists and has become the preferred outsourced SMSF auditor for hundreds of accounting practices, nationwide.

Partnering with Aquila Super removes the complexity, liability and internal resource drain from a practice’s regular accounting services. Aquila Super is well aligned to support accounting firms independently of size, that:

  1. Currently provide an SMSF service (with or without audit capabilities)
  2. Don’t provide an SMSF service, but would like to extend their service offering

Aquila Super is guided by the individual accounting practice as to whether its audit services are white labelled.

The Aquila Super edge

Advantages of selecting Aquila Super to conduct a practices’ SMSF audits include:

  • Transference of liability to an established, accredited SMSF specialist
  • Confidence that all stringent SMSF client legislative requirements are met
  • Assurance that any challenges will actively be addressed and resolved with a pragmatic approach
  • The certainty of a straight-forward and efficient audit process, with complete transparency via cloud-based software 
  • Direct access to highly experienced staff and a dedicated Audit Partner who boasts excellent technical expertise

SMSF auditing is simpler with an experienced Aquila Super SMSF auditor.

In addition to being a leading SMSF audit provider, Aquila Super is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced SMSF administration and accounting services providers. Click here for more information.

We thoroughly recommend Aquila Super for all your SMSF Audits.
The Aquila team is a professional outfit which is proactive and reliable. Their turnaround time is consistently exemplary and their services are competitively-priced, whilst remaining thorough. Their Super knowledge is invaluable and assist with any queries we might have. We have found the Aquila team to always be very approachable and readily available.

Renee Francis & Lola Manitto
SMSF Relationship Managers at Halpin Partners, Cairns QLD

Aquila Super

How it works

    Upload fund audit documents via a secure client portal. Your job will be automatically logged and tracked in real-time throughout the audit process.
     Click here for the Document checklist
     Click here for the Class software report requirements
     Click here for the BGL software report requirements
    The engagement (and other audit letters) are generated and supplied for signing by the Trustee
    Communicate directly with your SMSF auditor to answer queries, discuss compliance matters or request any outstanding documents
    Supply outstanding signed and/ or requested source documents to finalise queries
    The final audit package will be provided directly to you, including the audit report, management letter and invoice
    The typical turnaround is 5-days, pending timely responses to any queries.