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Our name, meaning ‘the eagle’ in Latin, was inspired by the intrinsic leadership qualities embodied by eagles. Being visionary, fearless, tenacious and having laser-sharp focus are core to the business’ ethos. 

Aquila Super: providing expert SMSF auditing and services to accounting practices since 1997.

Aquila Super is a leading SMSF audit and administration specialist that supports accounting practices’ compliance and SMSF sector growth.

As one of Australia’s largest and most experienced SMSF specialists, Aquila Super has become the preferred independent provider for hundreds of accounting practices, nationwide.

Since 1997, accounting practices have partnered with Aquila Super to boost their capacity and extend their services. In particular, accounting practices appreciate that partnering with Aquila Super removes the complexity, liability and internal resource drain from a practice’s regular accounting services.

Aquila Super is renowned for being fair, equitable and transparent, as well as being efficient, pragmatic and value-driven. Consistently high standards are underpinned by the company’s established processing framework and robust due diligence, which is facilitated by a team of highly experienced staff that demonstrate excellent technical expertise across all areas of SMSF.

Aquila Super is proudly independent and Australian, with no offshoring. Accountants can be assured of receiving specialist local support and access to highly experienced staff and a dedicated Audit Partner who boasts excellent technical expertise.

Aquila’s senior decision-makers are licensed SMSF auditors and Chartered Accountants. The company has a team of dedicated Audit Partners with specialist SMSF auditor accreditation from the Self Managed Super Fund Association – of which the lead audit partner and founder, Chris Levy, received the highest mark in the Association’s inaugural exams. 

Aquila Super