Chris Levy

The red tape explosion: what you need to know for 2022

Get insights from SMSF audit partner and SMSF expert, Chris Levy, for an ‘at the coal face’ overview of recent, significant changes to ATO and ASIC regulations and guidelines.

In this webinar, Chris provides technical detail and practical insights on the various challenges arising from a raft of new ATO regulations, rulings, and guidance. In particular, he will focus on the areas expected to have the greatest impact on practitioners – and importantly, how the ongoing upheaval can be best managed, including commentary on:

  • Property and unlisted entity valuation:
    • A review of the ATO’s position and requirements
    • Additional requirements for related party leases
    • Rent relief requirements
  • Wrestling with the new Super Stream requirements
  • The current state of play: NALI & NALE
  • Lessons learnt from the Dixon Advisory & Melissa Caddick disasters (plus practical steps to mitigate risk)
  • New Director IDs and SMSFs requirements
  • Using the SMSF Early Disclosure Service
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